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Mini Cheesecakes and Valentine's Dessert Table

There are a few things we love about this Valentine's Day. Let's start with the obvious: It's a holiday, and we love our holidays. We'll take any excuse (like we need one) to decorate the table, bake, and put goodies on display. Reds are our choice of color for valentine's day, especially since the color goes so well with black, white, and gray, also favorite complementary colors.

We're so happy that we discovered the delicious and simple recipe for mini cheesecakes with caramel sauce at Natasha's Kitchen! We're mad for cheesecake and have made a variety of wonderful recipes—even creating a few of our own—but this delightful (and remember, simple) recipe is great for any occasion. We should also mention that Natasha's Kitchen is officially the only full-scale cooking video blog we now watch. She has a great personality, her recipes work (speaking for the ones we've tried), and her videos are short, sweet, and entertaining.

We tested her mini cheesecake with caramel sauce recipe just as she wrote it, and then did half the cheesecakes with the caramel and half as strawberry. The recipe is standard for basic cheesecake, but she does such a great job with her video that it's worth checking out at her site. We won't duplicate her recipe and process here. She does have a strawberry version on her site, but we opted for our own strawberry topping. Scroll down for easy recipe.

Don't ask us to choose which one we prefer—we cannot. They are both scrumptious. We tasted them each more than once just to be certain of our conclusions.

And because you can't have too many treats on a Valentine's Day dessert table (well, you can), we added mini chocolate chip muffins.

Because muffins are delicious, too. If it's not obvious, we do recommend all things in moderation. These desserts are rich and brimming with flavor, which means a single bite will be quite satisfying. Okay, so two bites is even better.

For the napkin rings, we took cut-out metal hearts that weren't meant o be napkin rings, and used them anyway. There are a lot of rules to decorating, and like in writing, you have to know when to break them and let your creative side flourish. We also like things that offer more than one use.

They are so good! We are going to make a confession about the whipped cream. We didn't make it! I know, crazy. Homemade whipped cream is a staple in our house around any holiday, but then we tested a few organic brands we found at Natural Grocers. We liked them all have been using them. We still opt for homemade ninety percent of the time, but a high-quality, premade alternative is worth keeping in stock.

A table would not feel complete without flowers. Like many of our arrangements, this one is a combination of real flowers and silks. We like the extra bit of color from silks that we can't find in real blooms during the winter.

What is your favorite type of cheesecake? Do you prefer pink or red decor on Valentine's Day?

We hope you found some inspiration in this post, and don't forget to visit Natasha's Kitchen! We'll be trying out more of her recipes in the future.

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