A Pattern of Purples

Spring is a time for color, and one of our favorites is purple. Actually, we like different shades of purple, from plum and lavender to violet and thistle, with shades and tints in between. When everything in the world seems dark and dreary, color reminds us that there is always beauty and hope beneath.

Preparing a home and garden for spring is nourishing for both body and spirit. Spring cleaning allows us to remove from the home anything unnecessary, or that we won't use again. We give the cabinets, drawers, and closets an extra thorough cleaning. Right now is a great time, with so many of us confined to our homes, to brighten our days with cheerful activity.

As we prepare garden beds, scrub clean pots for new plants, and trim bushes, we are exercising our bodies while making way for beautiful flowers and healthy vegetables, depending on what you plant. Even if you live in a small dwelling, without a yard, pots and small trugs work great on patios.

Spring is also a great time to see what you have that is old that can be reused. We enjoy shopping for planters and small containers that can be used over and over. The bird nest is a long-time favorite, and the pots for the centerpieces have graced the table many times.

We have no problem admitting that we enjoy shopping. It is a pastime passed down from mother to daughter, and one we embrace with enthusiasm, but it is always important to shop with purpose. Buy what you love and will use more than once. It is better to buy less of what you will use often than to buy more of what you will stow away in a cupboard and forget about for years.

This is a simple, yet colorful, table that works well for any spring setting. The purple plates were found at a consignment shop. The white dishes are no longer available, but we've provided a lovely alternative, along with the plum wine glasses and twig placemats, which can all be found via the links in "Shop the Look" at the end of the post. The table covering is actually a wool blanket from Bronte by Moon. The napkins are Potterton Hill.

Flowers give life to a table, in a way nothing else can. Whether a small nosegay of picked flowers or a large bouquet of silks and real stems, flowers can brighten a room and bring a smile to your face. I often find that a single rose alone in a vase, or a few tulips in a clear jar, are enough to make one think of spring and ease away moments of stress.

Purples are so delightful!

The darling rabbit beneath the flowers wants to come out and play. Songbirds outside the window twitter, squawk, and call out for more seed while they dance around their dish. Spring is here, and with it hope and possibilities.

It is far too easy to sink into despair after winter, and with dark clouds hanging over the world. Look instead to the bright hope and colorful wonders that await when the gloom drifts away, for drift it will.

May you and yours be safe, healthy, and filled with ideas while you are at home. Whether you are keen to learn a new language, try a new recipe, spread positive messages around the world, or drop off a vase of fresh-cut flowers on your neighbor's doorstep, it is our hope that you make time for the peaceful wonders of spring.

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