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A Bounty of Blooms with Late May Flowers

Nowhere on earth, other than home, do I find peace outside of nature. Every flower I watch in various stages of bloom, every drop of water as it soaks into the soil, and every buzzing bee that draws nectar bestows upon me a smile and a kiss from the heavens.

Like a child opening their eyes for the first time, or learning how to say their first word, nature offers so much wonder in a gentle unfolding of beauty, grace, and strength.

Roses are among my favorite flowers. From the bud to the bloom to the fruit (rose hips), they bring joy to the viewer, nourishment to insects, and beauty to the world. Although, the same could be said for all plants.

This chocolate cosmo, peppered with pollen, awaits an adventurous bee to spread it's loveliness or a butterfly to gently perch upon its petals.

These cheerful violas sprouted in early spring, in the most unusual places, after their seeds scattered from some pots last season. They were carefully transplanted and are now covering the ground around a new lilac bush. As the lilac will take time to grow, these offer color for an open area between the lilac and the new heather plants.

Pansies have such delightful faces, and oh, the sweetness of those delicate patterns! Who but nature could conjure something so simple and yet so wonderful. My favorite are the "Frizzle Sizzle" varieties, but any pansy will brighten a garden, and if well tended, will last all the way until frost.

This young lilac was planted in its new home today. Carefully set in a wide and deep enough hole for its size, with organic compost mixed with the natural soil, and protected with bark, I expect this beauty to flourish for many years to come.

Did you know that some lilac shrubs can live up to 200 years? When you plant a lilac, it is important to find a spot that won't be disturbed, and where the shrub can grow and delight many generations.

I have been a fan of columbine ever since I was a little girl. We spent a lot of time in Colorado before moving there, and I remember fondly seeing the Rocky Mountain Columbine blooming in abundance in the wild areas my family was fond of visiting. There are many beautiful varieties of columbine from which to choose.

Geraniums are a favorite for pots and hanging baskets. Whites and reds are the only colors that find their way to our house.

Gardens need not be extensive to offer a measure of joy. This lovely grouping is in a railing basket. I like to fill them with annuals that bloom all summer long.

This railing box boasts a small, slow-growing tree in the center that will go in the ground come autumn. Until then, it makes a home alongside more delightful pansies and trailing geranium.

Red geraniums always go in the center of the hanging basket, but this year we went with an Aristo Velvet Red regal geranium. It blends nicely with the purple pansies and white bacopa.

I can't get enough of these! This little one is in a container on the new garden table we're creating in the backyard, with lots of pots, baskets, and boxes. It's not quite done.

Perennial salvia is another garden favorite. It's hardy, colorful, and fills in large spaces. Two of these have a new home near the new lilac.

We really have a lot of purples this year. I had not realized until I went around and took pictures. I don't keep pinks, and purple blends so nicely with all the reds and yellows. This fragrant stock—purple and white—are planted in pots, and sit on the garden bench on the back deck. Their delicious scent is apparent as soon as you step outside.

A touch of yellow on the new garden table that will be a work-in-progress during the month of June.

This Ivy League White trailing ivy geranium is also in a pot on the deck garden bench. There are pots on benches, chairs, railings, and steps. One can really never have too many flowers.

One thing to remember about gardening is the importance of nurturing each plant. Some require more care than others, but even if you want only a small table garden or a few pots on a patio, flowers must be tended regularly.

More violas and bacopa with primroses in railing baskets. We always use moss for our baskets: a layer of moss, liner, soil, then the flowers. More moss is added after planting.

Of course there must always be a place for begonias. This white bloom with it's dark, glossy leaves has a place of prominence on the front porch table where it can be enjoyed in the afternoon when the sun has moved to the back.

“Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit, who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth, and without light nothing flowers." May Sarton

This rose, only two years old at the time of the picture, stands as a testament to how they can thrive with gentle and loving care.

What do you like to plant in your garden? Do you have a favorite flower?

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