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About Potterton Hill

"My dream consists of a quiet country existence in a small town surrounded by mountains. This place allows me to explore, write, and unleash my creativity in the forms of gardening, baking, sewing, and decorating. I've never been after flash or glamour, but rather the simple joys found in daily life." 

MK McClintock
Founder, Creative Director, & 
Award-Winning Author

Creative Director defined:

"We create, garden, draw, design, sew, refinish furniture, write, bake, and . . .  We're always dreaming up something new."

Turning a Dream into Reality

The Potterton Hill team has a combined 40+ years experience in interior decorating and design, gardening, and culinary arts, and we have taken that experience, and our united talents, to create a place and lifestyle we love. 


Our holiday enthusiast goes a bit crazy decorating, and we delight in every seasonal transformation. We enjoying tilling the garden soil as much as we like experimenting in the kitchen and shopping antique markets. Our blog is a place where we unleash all of our creativity. We hope you enjoy the time you spend within these pages, and if you're a travel enthusiast, we hope you drop us a note and share your travel experience for a chance to be featured at the blog.

"Every time I awaken to a new day, I'm overwhelmed with the earth's generosity for allowing me to tread upon her soil, climb her mountains, hear the birds, and watch a river tumble over rocks. Every day is a miracle and unexpected wonder."


Our Beginning

Like any great novel, there is always the beginning of a story that draws readers into the imaginary world created by its author. Once upon a time, an award-winning author decided to spend more time writing and pursuing creative endeavors, and look beyond the the long-time corporate business she'd built. 

Born from MK's love of gardening, baking, design, and home keeping, Potterton Hill offers an eclectic array of lifestyle posts, decorating and staging tips, recipes, and products.

Every story evolves over time, with each chapter expanding on the one before. We welcome you to join us on our creative journeys and Potterton Hill adventures.

"The creative spirit is as unique as the individual who dreams up a single idea. Learn all you can, practice often, and work hard every day toward your creative goals. These three actions are a sure recipe for success."


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

They warm our hearts and feet, alert us when someone is at the door, kiss every new person they meet, and bring joy into every day.

Companions Extraordinaire
And in memory of Nara, Indy, and Fritz.
Forever in our hearts.

The Potterton Hill team has a vision for making the ordinary into the extraordinary. They were patient with my questions and helped me select what I needed to make my home beautiful. And they did it all within my budget, virtually! I'm happy and my home is now what I imagined it could be with the right touch.

Cristina from Oregon